About Speedrent

Speedrent exists to organize, uncomplicate and complement
the home rental experience from start to finish – even during
an ongoing tenancy relationship.


All steps and procedures that once required a property agent,
paperwork, and numerous phone calls, are now accomplished
with a couple screen taps within our Mobile App.


By giving users control, clarity, and immediacy, your rental
experience will almost feel like you’re checking into a hotel
for the night.

Our Team


Whei Meng

Product & Strategy


Steason Tee

Business Developer


Soon Tak

Backend Developer


Wei Zien

Mobile App Developer


Herne Gan

UIUX + Graphic Designer

In order to build an App that will change the lives of those
who use it, you need nothing less than a courageous team who is
passionate about solving problems and improving quality of life.


We’re an open-minded bunch, who are always receptive to new ideas
and better ways of doing things; celebrating our successes and
failures along the way.