About Speedrent

Speedrent is an online platform for landlord and tenant to rent direct. It also automates processes and tasks that property agents traditionally do for them. With that, Speedrent makes home renting DIY easy!


With that, all steps and procedures that once required a property agent,
paperwork, and numerous phone calls, are now accomplished
with a couple screen taps within our Mobile App.


By giving users control, clarity, and immediacy, your rental
experience will almost feel like you’re checking into a hotel
for the night.

Our Team


Whei Meng

Product & Strategy


Tania Basu

Business Developer


Soon Tak

Backend Developer


Wei Zien

Mobile App Developer


Esmond Wong

UIUX + Graphic Designer

In order to build an App that will change the lives of those
who use it, you need nothing less than a courageous team who is
passionate about solving problems and improving quality of life.


We’re an open-minded bunch, who are always receptive to new ideas
and better ways of doing things; celebrating our successes and
failures along the way.