Landlords, how do you find yourself a good tenant?

Published on 13 January 07:52

How do you make sure that the tenant you found is actually a “Good Tenant” who pays on time and doesn’t wreck your house? Read on, the most important tip is at the end. The ability yo choose the right tenant for you could make the difference between literally giving you nightmares or giving you a peace of mind. The biggest mistakes that landlord make while screening tenants fall under asking just surface questions about the tenant, for example asking questions...

renting tips from landlord

Renters alert: Renting tips from a Landlord!

Published on 01 November 15:51

This week, Speedrent speaks to landlords on some renting tips for renters from avoid getting screwed. Our friendly landlords offers 5 useful tips to help renters to obtain the best deals. Tip #1 How much you pay in rent depends on how much you negotiate Our friendly landlord is a shrewd negotiator and he shared a famous quote by renowned negotiator Dr. Chester Karrass who said “In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” Depending...

questions to ask when renting

Important questions to ask when renting a new place

Published on 28 October 20:27

Do you know the important questions that renters should ask when renting a property? These could easily make or break your renting experience, so read on to find out! Top 5 questions to ask when renting Can I paint or redecorate? This is probably way too common in households. The adage that the word ASSUME came out of “making an ASS out of U and ME rings absolutely true here. One has to remember that ownership does not belong to you and...

What type of houses are there in Malaysia?

Published on 27 October 15:12

Property types in Malaysia are pretty diverse. Today Speedrent examines the many type of houses in Malaysia, or the types of properties to see which would be suitable for your palette. Terrace House Once considered the mainstay of the Malaysian housing market, terrace houses were favoured due to their landed qualities and ease of renovation. Terrace houses usually feature a small yard in front or behind the house which could be extended to extend the built up of the entire house. The...

Why rental agreement is important for landlord

Published on 23 October 16:06

Last Tuesday, we shared a story of Bill, an errant tenant, who renovated the property of his landlord in order to create additional rooms so he could sublet them to other tenants. Business was so profitable for Bill that he managed to not only cover his rental and was profiting at the expense of his landlord Mr. Tan. However Bill’s business was discovered in a routine inspection by Mr. Tan. Fortunately for Mr.Tan, a rental agreement that had been earlier drawn...