1. Searching for a property


Speedrent tutorial


You’re free to search through thousands of properties on Speedrent whenever & wherever as you have the option to search through our website or our mobile app



2. Downloading the Mobile App


Click on these links to download the mobile app for free on  Google Play & App Store.


1. How to communicate with landlords



Once you’ve sent a chat request to the landlord from the app, the landlords will be notified immediately of your request through SMS & email. The app provides real-time updates & replies so you’ll never miss out wherever you are.


Communicating with the landlord is never a hassle as our friendly customer satisfaction team will also contact you about the interested landlord. If you’d like to speak with your landlord, we can set up a WhatsApp group for both parties.


A deal can happen as fast as within 1 day if both sides are cooperating. However, we do hope for your kind consideration as your potential landlord may be attending to tasks that hinder them from replying quickly.




2. Making a viewing appointments



The first step in locking in a deal is to make a viewing appointment. At this point, you will let your landlord know that you are serious. Our customer satisfaction team will help set up viewing appointments for you.

What to expect during viewing:

  1. You & landlord will meet at the listed home address
  2. You will be shown the amenities & appliances provided during your rental period
  3. A rental deal when both parties agree to the terms set


Wondering how to make a deal & sign agreement quickly? Speedrent provides an online rental agreement service.


3. Signing the Tenancy Agreement


The viewing appointment went great. You and the landlord hit it off well. Now, where do you start to finally rent your dream home?


You need to sign the tenancy agreement on Speedsign!





Here’s how to go about it:


a.Your landlord must first create the agreement on Speedsign. You will then be notified of a document awaiting your signature.




b. Fill in your details as requested on the form




c. Make sure to read through the agreement for additional clauses your landlords may put. Clauses may be about no smoking or drinking allowed on the property.


d. Sign the agreement using a digital signature.




e. Once completed, you will receive an invoice for RM399.


f. Complete the payment and you’re already on your way to moving in


4. Early termination by me


There are cases where you will have to terminate your agreement earlier than expected. Whether due to work relocation or personal reasons, we understand that it can’t be helped.


As a tenant on Speedrent, you must fulfill these items when early termination occurs. Here’s a checklist for easy reference.




You must:


  1. Give your landlord 2 months notice before the termination date.
  2. Should you need to leave immediately, you must pay 2 month’s rental as a penalty.
  3. Arrange handover of keys upon moving out.


The 12th-month rental you paid when moving in will NOT be refunded.


5. Early termination by the landlord


Speedrent’s tenancy agreement lasts for a full year. You must inform Speedrent immediately at 0187777650. Landlord will be liable for any cost if they violate the terms of the agreement.

Pay No Deposit

Too Good To Be True? Believe It


We know that renting a whole house can be troublesome. You have to go house hunting, set up appointments, pay a hefty deposit, go through the agreement hassle. Yeah, we get it.


That’s why Speedrent is here to take some of the stress off you. We want to make house rental affordable to more people. A house is a necessity and everyone should have easy access to a roof over their heads.


We made the ‘No Deposit Rental’ scheme with the thought of lower and middle-income class in Malaysia. In the current era, it’s almost impossible to save up a huge amount of money for a deposit. Not when the prices of basic necessities, fuel & services are all hiked up.


If you think Speedrent’s ‘No Deposit Rental’ is a scam, just read through all our tenants’ testimonials. They had the same worries too but because it works, they can confidently say that Speedrent is not a scam.



How do I qualify for ‘No Deposit Rental’?   


There are 3 rules set for you to be able to qualify for our ‘No Deposit Rental’ scheme. Don’t worry, they’re not dangerous nor do we make you bend over backward.


1. Monthly House Rental


Currently, there is a maximum and minimum cap over how much our ‘No Deposit Rental’ rental scheme covers. Only houses with monthly rentals of RM800-RM4,000 will entitle you to enjoy no deposit rental.


Why RM800 Minimum?


We receive listings from landlords for houses all around Malaysia. So, we put a minimum cap of RM800 for you to enjoy ‘No Deposit’.


Why RM4,000 Maximum?


The RM4,000 cap is made with the thought of urban citizens working in cities.


2. Credit Score Check


Before renting a house, Speedrent requires you to sign a form that allows us to do a thorough credit score check. In simpler words, we will access your CCRIS & CTOS, at your approval. If you have never been blacklisted or warned for default payments, you don’t have to worry about passing this check.


This credit score check is only for us to determine whether you will be a good paymaster to landlords. We will not disclose any exact amount or issues to your landlords or anyone. It is a confidential matter between Speedrent and you.


3. Background Check


Of course, we will also do a simple background check to inquire about:

  1. Your working place
  2. Or, your education institute
  3.  Who your housemates will be


This is, again, to prove to landlords that you are able to afford your monthly house rental. With ‘No Deposit Rental’ working, landlords may worry about your ability to pay on time. Hence, we want to appease your landlord by proving that yes, you can and you will.


How about checking out our next article, “How Much Does Speedrent’s Service Cost?” for a more detailed breakdown over what you have to pay by using our services.