1. What is Speedrent?

Speedrent is a free mobile platform for landlords and tenants to communicate.

2. Where can I use Speedrent?

Our application is available on Play Store & App Store.

3. How do I navigate through Speedrent?

Watch our tutorial video here.

4. Is it available only in Malaysia?

Anyone interested to rent a house in Malaysia can use Speedrent no matter where you are. At the moment, we only list properties from Malaysia.

5. I don’t understand certain parts. Who do I ask?


1. Is there any service fee?

As long as no transactioon is completed, you will not be charged.

2. Who do I pay to?

Speedrent will issue an invoice to you every month, payable to Speedrent.

3. How do I make payment?

You can pay via bank transfer, CDM or credit card.

4. How much do I have to pay?

The total you have to pay on the first month is 2 months rental (first and final month) + RM 399 for the tenancy agreement (stamping included)

5. What should I prepare before renting?

For Malaysians, we require a copy of your IC and employment letier. For foreigners living in Malaysia, we require a copy of your passport, valid visa, student/employment proof.

6. Can I leave anytime I want?

Speedrent contract lasts for a full year. You must provide a notice to Speedrent that follows all the items provided in the agreement. You will be liable for any cost if you violate the terms of agreement.

7. Will I be notified of rejected payments?

We will notify you should payment has not been received.

8. I’m interested to rent a house. How do I contact the landlord?

  • You can submit a chat request to the landlord (available when you view the house in our app or on our website). We can also help guide your transacsion.
  • Just contact us at:
  • Phone: 018 777 7650
  • Email:


1. Is there any service fee?

As long as no transaction is completed, you will not be charged. Speedrent only

take the 12th month rental as service fee.

2. Who will collect the monthly rental?

Speedrent will be collecting the rental on your behalf, payable to you within 3

working days.

3. What happens if my property is damaged or stolen?

Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (735426-V) will provide up

to RM1000 to cover the damages or cleaning expenses as a result of the tenancy.

If there is the[ element, you have protection with up to RM15,000 for the loss of

home content. Property between RM800 – RM1000 will only have RM500


4. Will I be notified of late payment?

Yes, we will notify you when we have not received payment on the 7th day from

the due date.

5. Is there a tenancy agreement? Customisable? Who pays for it?

Speedrent has a tenancy agreement template prepared on Speedsign. You can

add small supplement clause as long as it does not change the main agreement.

The agreement fee is payable by tenant. It costs RM399 for one year agreement,

inclusive of stamp duty and stamping service.

6. Do Speedrent evict tenants on my behalf?

When late payment is imminent, Speedrent will provide assistance and guidance

in evicting the tenant. Speedrent itself do not evict the tenants for you.

7. I have a deal I’d like to make agreement on. What should I do?