Speedrent Way

Our 3 certified true guarantees that you can trust:

“Completely Free”

Speedrent is completely free-to-use. No hidden charges.

“360° protection layer”

Only tenants with clean CCRIS & CTOS records will be filtered through. If your property is damaged, some of your home items are stolen or your tenant doesn’t pay rent, we’ve got you covered. Landlords can choose to be insured up to RM26,000 after successfully leasing with us!

“Quick and easy stamping”

No more queuing up the whole day at LHDN. Start getting tenants to move in at the speed of light. With an all online process, start leasing with the tap of a finger.

Security Assurance

“RM26,000 home insurance protection”

We provide landlords with the option to secure their property up to RM26,000 with Allianz General Insurance. The Allianz General Insurance will cover inconvenience benefits or minor property damage up to RM1,000 and loss of rental up to 2 months. For property damage and accidental theft, we insure your property up to RM15,000. Read more.

Note: Insurance coverage will only be provided for landlords who have completed transactions with Speedrent (rental ranging from RM800 – RM5000).

“RM3,700 room rental insurance protection”

We provide landlords with the option to secure their room up to RM3700 with Allianz General Insurance. The insurance covers all risk on household goods (excluding personal effects and in aggregate) up to RM500, loss of rental up to 2 months, demand letters and cleaning charges or minor repairs up to RM200.

“3 layer tenant screening”

We screen every tenant very thoroughly. We run CTOS/CCRIS and background checks to see if your tenant is a good fit. Read more.

Free rental collection and claims/eviction guidance

On top of everything else, we help our landlords with rental collection by reminding tenants about rental payment and chasing for payment.

Also, we assist landlords with the eviction process along with claim process. Click here to read more about claims

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