Speedrent Way

Our 3 certified true guarantees that you can trust:

“1 year tenancy guaranteed or service is FREE”

Speedrent promise a full 1 year tenure period with complete payment by your tenant. And if that 1 year doesn’t happen, everything goes to you for free!

“360° protection layer”

Only tenants with clean CCRIS & CTOS record will be filtered through. And if your property is still thrashed, we’ve got you backed up with our theft & damage coverage!

“30 minutes tenancy agreement”

No more queuing up the whole day at LHDN and start getting tenant moving in at the speed of light. With an all online process, start leasing with the tap of a finger.

Security Assurance

“RM25,000 insurance protection”

Together with Allianz, Speedrent provide a strong safety net that covers any damage and theft inconveniences you may face. And claim time takes 3 working days only! Read more.

“3 layer tenant screening”

We screen every tenant strictly. And if we think your tenant is not a good fit for you, we’ll make sure to let you know firsthand. Read more.

All these security layers come to you at no extra charge when you use Speedrent.

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