Landlord – Secured

Landlord – Secured

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After renting out your property, your property will get insured.

When your property has been successfully rented out, Speedrent will help get your property insured with Allianz Insurance up to RM 25,000.

What is this insurance?

This insurance covers accidental damages, unpaid bills and rental and theft. If you find that some of your items have been stolen by your tenant, you will be ensured for them.

What can I claim?

  • Up to 2 months’ rental
    • If your tenant runs away and didn’t pay the rent, you can claim up to 2 months’ of rent. It will be transferred to your account within 3-7 working days.
  • Utility bills
    • If the tenant moves out without paying the utility bills, you can claim up to RM1,000 for the unpaid bills. This can be claimed 3-7 working days after submitting the report and informing Speedrent accordingly.
  • Accidental damages or Theft
    • You will be able to claim up to RM15,000

Do submit a claim report within 2 week however. After the 2-week period, the request will not be entertained.

Additionally, there’s the letter of demand

If the tenant has not paid, up to 2 letters of demand by lawyers will be sent to the tenant.

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