Behind the Scenes

The world asked for swifter deals.

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Our rapid solutions are at your fingertips.

When the world’s moving in leaps and bounds, why should the real estate business stay unchanged? We want you to experience something better firsthand. Stand up for your right to fast, easy, and transparent deals.

Speedrent represents the refined aspects of real estate rental. By providing an accessible, fast, and responsive platform with paperless processing at every step of transaction, Speedrent ensures an honest rental experience.

We’re proud to connect landlords and tenants across Malaysia, anytime and anywhere. We hope to make your journey a complete and seamless experience.

Now everyone can rent at the speed of light.
Just Speedrent it!

Our Mission

These 3 missions resonate in everything we do to enhance your rental experience.

Fair Conduct

One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch, so why should one bad tenant spoil the experience for everyone else? We battle against discriminatory limitations and want to prove that good conduct is not just skin deep. Speedrent is a champion of equality for all, beyond physical boundaries.

Wholesome Protection

Just like there’s a silver lining behind every cloud, there’s a solution to every problem you face. We want to break the fall with safety nets and help with recovery. Speedrent promotes increased safety measures at each layer.

Seamless Experience

Brave the sea of changes with our smooth sailing ride. We want to provide a swift rental journey and delightful memories. Speedrent advocates securing hard-hitting deals effortlessly.

The Speed Team

whei meng
Wong Whei Meng


wei zien
Wei Zien

Mobile App Developer

Tania Basu

Growth Hacker

Liyana Fandey

Content Writer

Leni Tjahjadi

Graphic designer

Nur Afiqah Amirah

General Operation



Luqman Alhakim Halid


Amirul Ashraf Mazlan


Rohaizi Izlah


and you

Yes, you! The main character of our journey is you. Thank you for joining us and believing in what we stand for.