Tenant – Pay No Deposit

Tenant – Pay No Deposit

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Pay No Deposit

After the agreement is signed, it’s time to make the first payment.

All you have to pay is as shown in the image:

1st month’s rental + 12th month’s rental + tenancy agreement (RM399)

Do note that 6% SST will be included for the 12th month’s rental and tenancy agreement fee.

But to who?

You will be paying to Speedrent. Speedrent will transfer the money to the landlord within 03 working days.

You said, “No Deposit”, but what about the 12th month’s rental? Isn’t it a deposit?

By paying the 12th month’s rental, you’re making an advanced payment. Doing so, you will not have to pay again when the 12th month arrives. It’s pre-payment.


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